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View your tree structure and organise your Joomeo space

Use the left-hand pane to easily manage your space's tree structure

To better manage the content of your Joomeo space, use the collapsible pane to display your tree structure and move your albums and folders via a simple drag and drop.

Opening the collapsible pane

To easily access any album in your Joomeo space, click on the small arrow on the left-hand side of the grid for your albums, folders or images.

You’ll be opening an especially useful navigation pane where the entire tree structure of your Joomeo space is displayed.

Access your Joomeo space's tree structure

Modify the organisation of your Joomeo space

The navigation pane’s content is interactive. As such, you can customise the organisation of your Joomeo space via a simple drag and drop directly in your tree structure or from the grid for your albums and folders.

Organise your tree via a simple drag and drop

But that’s not all! There are several actions available in the menu that appears when you click on an album or open a folder.

Menus in the tree pane

Discover how to optimise the organisation of your space through the interactive nature of your tree structure!

Lucy - Experte Joomeo

Lucy - Experte Joomeo

Pour Lucy, Joomeo n'a pas de secret ! Grâce à elle, vous profitez de toutes les petites astuces qui se cachent un peu partout dans notre interface. Les tutos et les conseils d'expert, elle en fait son affaire. Grâce à Lucy, vous saurez tout sur Joomeo !

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