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Joomeo Transfer for Mac OS X

Our Joomeo Transfer application allows you to set up automatic image saving from your Mac to your Joomeo space.

Managing the transfer of your photos and videos from your computer to your Joomeo space has taken on a whole new dimension with the arrival of Joomeo Transfer.

This user-friendly and comprehensive application is now also available for Mac!

What is Joomeo Transfer?

Joomeo Transfer is a stand-alone application you can install on your computer to help you better manage uploads and downloads to or from your Joomeo space.

Joomeo Transfer allows you to:

  • set up automatic saving of all images in the folders of your choice from your computer to your Joomeo space
  • manually import an image or folder with a simple right click
  • download an album from your Joomeo space to your Mac without using your browser
  • keep an eye on the status of your photo storage on Joomeo without using your browser
  • and much more!

Discover Joomeo Transfer, its features and interface: Joomeo Transfer: automate your backups and manage your transfers between Joomeo and your computer

Stéphan de Joomeo

Stéphan de Joomeo

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