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Saving the essential to respect the environment

For several years now, Joomeo has been committed to offering you an efficient online storage service while reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. You have a role to play in this endeavor…

As you know, Joomeo is a 100% French service. Our team lives and works in the vicinity of Grenoble, an area with the most advanced technologies and a region with strong ecological convictions.

For a number of years, we’ve offered our users a service that’s part of a virtuous approach to saving energy and resources.

How? It’s simple:

  • We host our servers in green data centres, all located in France, which allow us to closely manage our electricity consumption based on our needs.
  • When equipment replacement is required within our infrastructure, we recondition the materials, so we can assign them to secondary tasks that are not directly related to the management of our users’ data.

We have also adopted new methods of communication. For example, over the last several months, we’ve been limiting the sending of emails, both in terms of frequency and volume. This represents energy savings in terms of the sending itself, in addition to the storage of our messages in your mailboxes.

But these efforts are meaningless without your support. You can choose a more mindful approach in the way you use Joomeo.

With this in mind, you can use a gauge in your Joomeo space. It is available in the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen and allows you to measure the impact of your storage in terms of carbon footprint .

With this information in mind, you can take effective action! Here are a few tips and tricks for turning your Joomeo space into a cloud where we can all breathe better!

Saving the essential means better managing your storage space and your shares.

In addition to taking tangible actions against global warming, by following this advice, you’re making your Joomeo space more readable and easier to view, for both you and your guests!

Let’s get started!

  • Import only photos and videos into your Joomeo space that are truly relevant.
  • Remove all blurred, out-of-focus and irrelevant images.
  • Optimise your storage space! Activate the “Do not import duplicate files into the same album” option. This way, you’ll only use the necessary storage space.
  • Don’t take videos in 4k if you’re only going to view them on your phone or tablet.
  • Reduce the size of the image files for your camera or phone for everyday photos. No, you don’t need a 17 MB photo to show your plate at last night’s restaurant!
  • Don’t send invitations from your Joomeo space to contacts that aren’t really relevant or interested in your publications.
  • On your mobile, employ a backup rhythm that’s truly adapted to your situation. There’s really no need for daily transfers, especially if you’ve only taken a few photos or made a few videos that week. In this case, opt for a weekly back-up. You’ll save energy by avoiding useless connections from your device to your Joomeo space!

In conclusion

This list isn’t very long, which makes it easy to follow. The most dedicated among you will probably have ideas for us to take things step further.

Share your tips in the comments,
and we’ll add them to our article as we go!

Stéphan de Joomeo

Stéphan de Joomeo

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