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Mobile applications: optimisation of uploads and comprehensive management of shares

iOS and Android Joomeo Mobile Application

Thanks to these new versions of our mobile applications, the time to transfer your images to your joomeo space has been significantly improved, and you can easily manage the sharing of albums and files with your contacts.

Joomeo mobile apps on iOS and Android have just taken on a new dimension. You can now share your albums and folders directly from the application, and the automatic backup feature has been further improved to reduce transfer times. All these evolutions will allow you to manage your Joomeo space even more efficiently through your mobile phone or tablet.

More quickly import your photos and videos

Transferring your images from your mobile device to your Joomeo space is a task that can take a lot of time and consume a lot of battery power. We’ve significantly improved this function to greatly reduce processing and import times. As a result, your photos and videos are more quickly available from your Joomeo space, and you’ll conserve your phone battery!

Share your albums and folders directly from the application

Our applications are not limited to saving images. With the new version, sharing an album or an entire folder is super easy.

Here’s the list of features we’ve added to the sharing function:

  • Initiating of album or folder sharing directly within the application.
  • Managing rights for each contact or contact group at the time of sharing and/or afterwards.
  • Importing contacts from your mobile device to your Joomeo contact book.
  • Creating and/or modifying contact groups<t1.
  • Introduction of messaging for sending a message or album update alert to your guests.

The little extras to help increase your enjoyment…

Select the order of display: Whether for your photos, your albums or your folders, determine the order in which you want them to appear (name, date, customised, etc.).

Manage your keywords: Tags or keywords are one of the advanced features offered by Joomeo. You can add them, delete them and apply them to your files or remove them from your files.

Locate your images: From now on, you can find an image in your phone’s gallery or in your Joomeo space via the application. We display a clickable URL in the file information which allows you to access the album directly in your space or on your device.

Request help: With our new form, accessible via a simple click on the “Contact Us “* button, you can request help from our team. As usual, an advisor will respond within 48 working hours.


Consider installing or updating the Joomeo app on your mobile phone or tablet. It allows you to make even better use of your Joomeo space. Your images will be imported automatically, and you can share them easily without leaving the application!

Download the Joomeo mobile app on Google PlayDownload the iOS Joomeo mobile app

*This button is available in all the application’s help topics and in the menu at the bottom right.

Stéphan de Joomeo

Stéphan de Joomeo

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