Direct links: the web page

The web page: the direct link format that makes sharing in public easier

Direct link format: the Web page

What is the purpose of this new direct link format?

Before, direct links were only intended to make your images accessible to the public in various sizes, without formatting or related information.

  • In this new direct link format, we have obviously kept the idea of public sharing but we also wanted to add a dose of user-friendliness and graphics to it.
    Why? Because we're thinking about incorporating your photos and videos into a web page

    • that can be accessed from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone)
    • that shows off your work
    • that gives users who look at it related information about the file (caption, name, size in pixels, etc.)

    representing the best way to help you promote your creations.

But that's not all! We have implemented a certain number of options whose goal is to make it easier for your creations to go viral!

  • By clicking on the buttons , sharing on social networks is child's play.
  • Thanks to the button , simply retrieve the html code of your choice to embed your right-sized image in a web page, a forum, or a blog and take an active role in promoting your work!
  • The button allows you to download the image's source file. It appears only if you checked the option "Allow the original format for the direct link" in the public link manager.

How does it work?


  1. Click on the " ACTION" button for the image of your choice
  2. Choose "public link to photo/video" and then "Get a public link to photo/video"
  3. In the public link manager, keep the default settings of the public links format as "Web page"
  4. Click on the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button and paste the link in the tool of your choice to share it (social networks, email, forum, etc.).

Joomeo’s video tutorials: Share your photo books!

Joomeo photo books

We've already shown you how easy it is to create and order a photo book (see the following article:Create and order your photo book in 5 minutes), but did you know that your contacts can also enjoy looking at your photo books?

To learn more, check out this video…

Now it’s your turn! Log in to Joomeo and create your own photo book!

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These products are now available in 11 countries: Austria – Belgium – Finland – metropolitan France – Germany – Ireland – Italy – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Spain – United Kingdom

Managing authorizations: photo books

In previous articles, we discussed the default authorization settings, the customization of these settings according to each of your contacts and how to act regarding file sharing..

In this article we will focus on the concept of sharing photo books..



You know it is possible to share a photo book linked to an album. This can be done by going to the bottom of the column that appears to the right of the photo album viewing area.

There are 2 levels of authorization:

  1. the right to view: by checking this option, you authorize contacts with access to your album to browse your photo book at leisure with full screen viewing display for more comfort and pleasure
  2. the right to order: by checking this option, you authorize contacts with access to your album to order your photo book and have it delivered to their home without having to contact you.
    Of course, you may check this option only if you have already authorized the viewing of the photo book.

These permissions only apply to contacts who have access to the album to which the photo book is attached.


All contacts who have access to your album will have the same rights to your photo book, regardless of the authorizations applied to the album or the contacts themselves.

This means that if a contact is not allowed to order photo prints, this restriction does not apply to photo books where order rights are open.

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Managing authorizations: using folders

In the 2 preceding articles, you saw how to manage your default authorizations and how to personalize them for each of your contacts.

In this article we will explore how to manage sharing with folders.



Folders are a useful tool for classifying and organizing your media library while improving your productivity at the same time:

  • By applying certain preferences to several albums at once
  • By centralizing access to the sharing options for all the albums that they contain

The second point is what we will be talking about.
  To access these options, click on the folder’s “ACTION” button and choose “Folder properties.”

  In the window that appears, click on the share tab. The albums contained in the folder are classified by type: PRIVATE, SHARED or PUBLIC. You can control the authorizations according to the type.



The whole authorizations menu is available for each contact on the albums that have been shared with them.

If you click on a contact, the list of albums they have access to appears on the right side of the window.

You can modify their access rights to the album or albums of your choice



The whole authorizations menu is available for each album.

You can modify the authorizations offered for each one. They will apply to all of your contacts.



As their name indicates, these albums aren’t shared, and as a result no setting options are available.

  Remember to confirm your settings so that they will be remembered and saved. They will be applied immediately.

REMEMBER: there are no share settings on the folders themselves since you do not share the folder, just the albums it contains.

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Managing authorizations: Personalizing authorizations for each contact

We looked at default authorizations in a previous article. Sometimes these default settings don’t suit your needs, so it’s necessary to refine and personalize them for each contact.

In this article, we will show you how to do it.



This can be done in 2 ways:

  • by using the “SHARING” tab in the album properties window:

    Check or uncheck the authorizations that you think apply contact by contact.

  • by using the “Albums shared” tab on the contact card (in your contacts book):

    Modify the sharing options the way you want, album by album.

(1) These changes take effect immediately on the sharing that has been done. They do not change the default authorizations settings in “My account” or the preferences selected for each of your contacts

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Managing authorizations: Default authorization settings

As you know, Joomeo is a powerful management tool for sharing de vos photos et de vos vidéos avec vos contacts. your photos and videos with your contacts. It allows you to fine-tune the access rights of each contact to the albums that you share with them.

In a series of 3 articles, we will take stock of the different ways to modify the authorizations according to your needs.

First, let’s look at default authorizations.



  1. In the “My Account” section and more specifically in the “My preferences” tab:

    You can adjust the authorizations you would like to give your contacts by default when you share an album.

  2. In the “Contacts book” section accessible from the “TOOLS” menu:

    When you select a contact and double click on it, you directly access the “Properties” tab of the latter.By checking “Activate the contact’s preferences” you access a list of options. Among them you will find the default authorizations granted to this contact (cf. the red arrows in the image below).

  3. In the “SHARING” section of Album Properties, accessible by double-clicking on the album itself:

    When you choose to make the album accessible to all of your contacts (“RESTRICT ACCESS” in OFF mode), the selected sharing options are valid for all contacts, whatever the preferences specified for each one.

(1) Aside from the 3rd point, the default settings do not change the sharing that has already been done. They only affect the sharing done after their validation.

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Did you know? Experience the different contact types in Joomeo


To provide you with more flexibility when organizing and managing all of the properties attached to each of your contacts,
3 profiles are made available:

Contact profiles in Joomeo

Classic contacts:

Profile designed to easily manage contact preferences:

  • Use an administrator-type presentation for contacts
  • Display contact’s folder
  • Open media library tree structure
  • Allow contact to download, import, order photo prints, leave comments

Advanced contacts (1):

Opens the doors of the tab “Access rights” advanced for your contacts and allows you to:

  • Allow contact to modify the albums he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the album he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the files he/she imported
  • Allow contact to edit the descriptions of files he/she imported

Anonymous contact:

This profile allows you to create contacts without email address to send the same connexion information to many people, ideal for sharing photos or videos as a great event!


  1. Go to your contacts book through the “TOOLS” menu
  2. In your contacts list, choose one whose profile you want to edit
  3. Click the “Edit” button on the bottom right
  4. From the “Contact type” drop-down menu that appears above the contact’s first and last name, choose the desired profile
  5. Confirm your changes for them to take effect

(1) The option is only available for DYNAMIC and FOCUS offers.

Manage keywords in Joomeo


Are you familiar with our keyword system? Here’s a little feature on keywords to refresh your memory, or introduce you to the subject.


The keywords you add to your images using photo processing software such as Lightroom or Photoshop can be retained in Joomeo. This will prove very useful when searching your albums using the search engine.

In order to save your photos’ keywords in your Joomeo space, you simply need to check the option ”import IPTC data keywords” in the “Import” section of your account preferences.
Import IPTC data keywords


You must use our keyword manager when you want to add keywords to your images on Joomeo. This can be accessed via the “TOOLS” menu or by clicking the “TAG” button at the bottom right of your Joomeo window.

With the keyword manager open, here’s how to create a new keyword and add it to a photo or a video, or to all the photos and videos in an album in one go.


Drag a keyword onto an album to add it to every file contained in the album.
Keywords added in this way will not be attached to the album but to the individual files themselves. This means they will also be attached to any other instances of the same image(s) contained in other albums.

IMPORTANT: Keywords added to files in Joomeo are not added to the source file itself. They will not appear in the IPTC data of the photos and videos you retrieve from your Joomeo space.


The properties panel displays all the information associated with the selected file.


- In the heading you will find the filename of your photo, its weight in byte and the preview of the photo.

- General allows you set a note to your photo (useful when you search in your photos), indicate the shooting date, the uploading date and who has uploaded the photo into your space (you or the name of a contact).

- Legend lets you view and edit the photo caption.

- Keywords lets you view and delete keywords of the photo.

- EXIF allows you access to a EXIF data set of the photo.

Share your photo books with your contacts


Have you noticed? Your Joomeo space has change a little in the past few days! This is because we have added a major feature to our system: PHOTO BOOK SHARING with your contacts!
We have also used this opportunity to include some other small improvements, which we'll talk about later.

Let's focus on our topic of the day: how to share your photo books with your contacts.

A new interface for new features

you'll notice that all the albums for which you have created photo books display an extra little icon at the end of the line, as in this image

by clicking on an album accompanied by this icon, you will see a new column to the right of your grid of images … it all happens in this column!

This column allows you to launch a view of your photo book in one click.

You can also edit your photo book, duplicate it or simply delete it.

Note that when you duplicate your photo book, you add a new album to your media library containing all the photos used in the book.

The main information regarding your photo book (format, paper, type of cover, number of pages and unit price) are immediately visible and and you can place your order directly from this column.

Sharing with your contacts is managed from this column ! In 2 clicks, you can choose whether or not you authorize your contacts to see your photo book and order it.

Of course, this authorization concerns only those contacts with whom you have shared the photo book album.

IMPORTANT: You can still access all your photo books directly by the photo book manager, which is accessible via the "PHOTO LAB / MY PHOTO BOOKS" menu.

2 additional new features for your comfort

Bigger icons to make the media library easier to read The most observant will have noticed that we have significantly enlarged the icons in the media library! Your albums and your folders are much more readable, for greatly improved comfort.

Improvement of the system of deletion of folders and their contents With the same aim of offering improved ergonomics and comfort, it is now possible to delete a folder and all its contents in a single stroke!

A gain of precious time when sorting your media library. But attention: any deletion is final!Once you have validated all the alerts of our system and accepted to delete the files from your personal space, it is impossible to go back and restore those files that were found only in the deleted folder! Be careful!

Create and order your photo book in 5 minutes


The holidays are over? Not yet! You can relive the best moments of your summer by making your photo book !!! !!!

Okay, so it’ll take you 5 minutes to do it but that’ll be 5 minutes extra of holidays… an offer too good to refuse!

Here’s how to create your photo book in record time thanks to Joomeo: pay close attention, it’s really fast!

Now it’s your turn! Log in to Joomeo and create your own photo book!

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These products are now available in 11 countries: Austria – Belgium – Finland – metropolitan France – Germany – Ireland – Italy – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Spain – United Kingdom