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Joomeo, a new identity and even more personality

In the world of cloud-based photography, Joomeo occupies a unique and constantly evolving position. We had a need to modernize our identity to make it truly reflect who we are and where we are heading…

Joomeo’s metamorphosis has already been underway for some time. Our platform has been gradually changing to keep up with technological developments and to better respond to your everyday needs and requirements.

A new logo, in keeping with our development and evolution

We have been building Joomeo’s identity brick by brick since its inception in 2007. Our logo, a central component of what makes us identifiable, has remained faithfully with us throughout this time. It simply has to be admitted, however, that it was becoming less and less representative of what we were becoming. It was therefore time to dust it off a little, to restore its sparkle and shine to enable it to carry our brand ever further and higher.

This has now been accomplished… and it’s a job well done!

Joomeo's new identity

Our logo represents an open space in which photography can live, breathe and fully express what it has to say. We wanted it to be simple and elegant, like our new colors.

Expressing it in words

Modernizing our logo was only one step on the path towards our transformation. We first spent a certain amount of time working on accurately redefining what Joomeo is and what makes us unique: what our values are.

Once this work was completed, it then needed to be translated into words and images for our current and future users.

Joomeo, storing what’s important

The words are simple: “Joomeo, storing what’s important”… A short phrase that clearly expresses what we are, what our commitment is and what we offer: a reliable storage space in which you can place and keep your photos and videos.

From our point of view, these words carry within them the full extent of our teams’ commitment to meeting your needs and requirements in terms of protection and data permanence.

A new website more in tune with our identity

To go with this brand signature, we needed a strong new visual identity. Simply changing our logo was not sufficient. We therefore decided to start everything from scratch, to completely overhaul our website in terms of its design, its ergonomics and its architecture to make it truly reflect what we are.

We have transformed our site to make it clearer, more modern and more pleasant and attractive to use. It now fully reflects, through its HTML interface, the profound metamorphosis our platform has undergone.

We are ready for the next stage…

Creating a new identity for oneself is not something to be taken lightly. For us, it meant reaffirming our values and looking to the future.

We are, have and will always be ready and willing to listen to our users. We move forward with you, for you and because of you. We felt it important to make this evident on the pages of our website. This is why we refined and pared down some of the information we felt was perhaps a little too technical. In what we have said, we have focused on what we consider to be important: the security and simplicity of our solution.

In all truth, we are very happy with the result, though it has to be admitted that it is difficult to remain objective! This is why we are eagerly looking forward—indeed with a touch of feverish excitement even—to finding out what you think of this evolution in Joomeo’s development, which is a sign of many more to come…

Stéphan de Joomeo

Stéphan de Joomeo

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