Direct links: the web page

The web page: the direct link format that makes sharing in public easier

Direct link format: the Web page

What is the purpose of this new direct link format?

Before, direct links were only intended to make your images accessible to the public in various sizes, without formatting or related information.

  • In this new direct link format, we have obviously kept the idea of public sharing but we also wanted to add a dose of user-friendliness and graphics to it.
    Why? Because we're thinking about incorporating your photos and videos into a web page

    • that can be accessed from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone)
    • that shows off your work
    • that gives users who look at it related information about the file (caption, name, size in pixels, etc.)

    representing the best way to help you promote your creations.

But that's not all! We have implemented a certain number of options whose goal is to make it easier for your creations to go viral!

  • By clicking on the buttons , sharing on social networks is child's play.
  • Thanks to the button , simply retrieve the html code of your choice to embed your right-sized image in a web page, a forum, or a blog and take an active role in promoting your work!
  • The button allows you to download the image's source file. It appears only if you checked the option "Allow the original format for the direct link" in the public link manager.

How does it work?


  1. Click on the " ACTION" button for the image of your choice
  2. Choose "public link to photo/video" and then "Get a public link to photo/video"
  3. In the public link manager, keep the default settings of the public links format as "Web page"
  4. Click on the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button and paste the link in the tool of your choice to share it (social networks, email, forum, etc.).

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