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Guests’ private space now much more accessible thanks to HTML5!

Les espaces invités en HTML5

Joomeo is continuing to evolve and develop. Now that public albums and public spaces, have gone online, it’s the turn of guests’ private space to be updated!

What’s new?


First of all, the entire interface of the private area has been revised based on what we have already put in place for public spaces and that our users have acclaimed. Thus the user experience is greatly improved for your contacts as the accessibility of your space whether it is on computer, phone or tablet.

App-free access to guests’ private space on tablets and smartphones

Thanks to HTML5-based spaces, your contacts no longer need a Joomeo app installed on their smartphone or tablet in order to access and see the things you share. Just a simple click on the invitation is all it takes to open up your space in their chosen browser. It’s simpler and faster, enabling your invitees to more easily enjoy the things you share.

It’s simpler and faster, enabling your invitees to more easily enjoy
the things you share.

Our iOS and Android apps are still fully operational and usable in case your contacts want to add any files to your albums.

Photo lab makes its appearance on ipad and iphone!

So far, it has not been possible for your contacts to enjoy the benefits of our photo lab on their iPhones or iPads. Thanks to our new HTML5-based spaces, however, ordering prints of your photos (or any other product in our catalogue, with the exception of photo books) can now be achieved in the blink of an eye from any tablet or smartphone!

Modernised design and optimised display on any device

You’ve responded very positively to the design adopted for public spaces and albums, so we’ve therefore opted to use the same graphic style to showcase your images in the guests’ private space.

Completely adaptable to screens of all sizes and resolutions, the display and presentation of the guests’ private space is intuitive and allows for fluid, rapid navigation. Your contacts will love it!

What a private joomeo space looks like in html5:

And a private album in html5:

Don’t want to take advantage of this new development? no problem!

By default, your guests can access your private spaces directly in HTML5. However, you can decide not to use this new feature and instead retain the “classic” functionality of your Joomeo space.

You can set this option for all your contacts in your Joomeo account preferences:

Or just for certain contacts:

Your visitors can also choose to view your space in its classic version by clicking the “ADVANCED MODE” option.

Want to see a private space in the new format? No problem. Simply click this button after first making a note of the login and password below:


login: DEMO   –   Password: DEMO

So what’s next?

This development represents a new stage for Joomeo. The full range of features and functions available in advanced mode will soon also be available in HTML5. The final stage will be to migrate the various spaces in the main control interface to HTML.

The final stage will be to migrate the various spaces in the main control interface to HTML.

A mouthwatering prospect isn’t it? So, to ensure you are able to take full advantage of our upcoming new features and developments, consider subscribing to our newsletters and following us on social networks!


Lucy Joomeo Expert

Lucy Joomeo Expert

For Lucy, Joomeo has no more secrets! Thanks to her, you can benefit from all the little tricks that are hidden everywhere in our interface. Tutorials and expert advice, she makes it her business. Thanks to Lucy, you will know everything about Joomeo!

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