Welcome on Joomeo’s Blog


Here we are… In February 2007 Joomeo was launched, and now has its own blog!

We would like to tell you the story of your favorite photo sharing service…

Once upon a time, the concept of sharing in private networks appeared to the team members. We have decided to help you control the access to your collections of photos.

In fact, nowadays privacy had become a real priority especially with all the Internet threats we have to deal with. Security was the missing piece in the photo sharing services already existing.

Therefore, we have decided to create together an incredible Flash interface, user-friendly that will allow a personal as well as professional use of the service.

In April 2008, your service needed its own identity in order to please you even more, and this how the service got his new name: Joomeo.

Logo Joomeo Vertical

We strongly believe that this successful adventure would not have been possible without you and we are looking forward to hearing from you on this blog.