Joomeo’s video tutorials: Share your photo books!

Joomeo photo books

We've already shown you how easy it is to create and order a photo book (see the following article:Create and order your photo book in 5 minutes), but did you know that your contacts can also enjoy looking at your photo books?

To learn more, check out this video…

Now it’s your turn! Log in to Joomeo and create your own photo book!

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These products are now available in 11 countries: Austria – Belgium – Finland – metropolitan France – Germany – Ireland – Italy – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Spain – United Kingdom

Joomeo informs you: application of VAT on our various subscriptions

Joomeo informs you: application of VAT on our various subscriptions

Some of you may have noticed that subscription prices to Joomeo offers may differ depending on which country you are located in.
Complying with the new European guidelines on the business of digital services, we apply the VAT rate to our tax-exclusive prices applicable in our users’ country of residence.
The different VAT rates that coexist within the EU (from 15% in Luxembourg to 27% in Hungary) explain the higher or lower variations of our prices depending on the location in which you live.
You can find the list of VAT rates applicable in each EU country by clicking this link:
List of EU VAT rates (Source: – Website of the European Commission)

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our support center.

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Joomeo’s storage and photo sharing service is available 24/7 worldwide, but photo products can only be delivered to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, England.

New : Create your Joomeo Store

JOOMEO IS LAUNCHING JOOMEO STORES TO MAKE YOUR SPACE THE PREFERRED TOOL FOR YOUR INTERNET SALES Thanks to Joomeo Stores, you can offer your customers the complete product range of our Photo lab while applying YOUR own margin!

Simple and FREE implementation(1)

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you can create your Joomeo store and start selling your photos in 3 clicks! (2)

  1. If you haven't done it already, subscribe to the DYNAMIC offer
  2. Complete or confirm your Joomeo Professional profile
  3. Define your catalog settings and activate it

And that's all – your store is online and operational… It would be difficult to make it any easier or faster, right?

In addition, you benefit from our entire Photo lab catalog at preferential rates, without compromising quality or managing the after-sales service!

Clear and easy management of your Joomeo Store

You determine the profit margin you want to apply to your catalog yourself and the sales prices are immediately visible on your management console.

On each order, you know precisely your sales price, your margin, and your earnings order by order, or even product by product!

You determine the best time to collect your earnings and collect payments when it seems appropriate to you.(3)

Total control of your space and Joomeo store

You activate and deactivate your store as you wish, without notice or announcement… you have no commitment and are free when it comes to activating your Joomeo store.

Your sharing preferences do not change and are maintained in the same way whether or not your store is activated.

Your contacts keep their login information and access your space the same as before. Your store can even be accessed using Android mobile apps.

So? Ready to make your Joomeo space the strongest link in your business strategy? Log in and click here to launch your new SALES SPACE!

Want to learn more about online stores? Go to the "Joomeo Store" section of our support center…


(1) The "Joomeo Store" option is offered free of charge to all subscribers of Joomeo's DYNAMIC offer.

(2) Any Joomeo user wishing to activate the "Joomeo Store" option must be able to operate a business legally and must also declare the income generated by sales from his or her Joomeo store with the proper authorities.

(3) Sellers must attain a minimum of €50 (excluding taxes) in earnings before being able to request payment from the Joomeo accounting department.

IMPORTANT: Photo products are only available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and England.

Did you know? The Joomeo shortcut bar


Have you seen it? The shortcut bar will become your sidekick in no time!

The shortcut bar below the display zone Demonstration:

Create a temporary selection with drag/drop
Create a temporary selection of images from multiple albums by simply sliding them on the button, it's a breeze!

SDelete a file in 1 clic
Just choose the image to delete, click on it once to select it, and then simply click on the little wastebasket…

Rotate your photos without having to use the edit mode
Are some of your images not in the right direction? No need to leave your album, just select the image to rotate and click on the button to turn clockwise or counterclockwise!

Download a single image…
No need for the "ACTION" button when it comes to downloading a single file. Click once on the desired photo or video to select it and click the following icon to start downloading… Simple and effective!

…or download the entire album, it's just as easy!
With this shortcut, download an album with stunning speed and ease!

All the information about a file made available in just one click
The properties panel of your files instantly pops up when you click on the magnifying glass icon. The easiest way to view information about your file: keywords, import date and date of shooting, identity of the individual who posted the file, legend, EXIF … it's essential!

Direct access to your list of keywords
Access your keyword editor right here! It will allow you to create new keywords and add tags to your files for easier retrieval within your album or your space.

Manage the display size of your image previews through your space
Would you like to see the maximum amount of images all at once? Would you life to view your photos in a larger size in order to better distinguish their details, without displaying them full-screen? The choice is yours when you move the slider to the left to display small thumbnails to the right for larger thumbnails…

Did you know? What your contacts see


What your contacts see

When you share one or more albums with your contacts, it’s natural to want to know what they see when they view your space. It’s easy – you just have to put yourself in their shoes!

Here’s what to do:

- in the contact list, choose a recipient and click
- on the "ACTION"button
- select "What does this contact see?" (log in)"

This simple, effective trick works with all your contacts, whatever their type (anonymous, classic, or advanced).

Did you know? customize your Joomeo space color


 Customize your Joomeo space color

 For all subscribers of Focus and Dynamic offers, Joomeo lets you customize your Joomeo space color.

For this, go to the preferences of your space (section “MY ACCOUNT”), from the “DISPLAY” preferences, select the theme color of your choice.

Reload your space to enjoy and share it with your contacts.


NEW: Directly launch your downloads through Joomeo Desktop – Transfer Manager


To offer you even more flexibility, we have updated our JOOMEO DESKTOP – Transfer Manager.
In addition to fully managing your imports, it is now also possible to launch your downloads directly through the Transfer Manager, without using your browser! Demonstration:

Get 30% off FOCUS and DYNAMIC annual subscription plans … until the 22 March only!

Joomeo spring offer: 30% off our FOCUS AND DYNAMIC subscription options

Five good reasons to take advantage of our FOCUS and DYNAMIC services:
1 – NO MORE LIMITS on file uploads to your Joomeo space
2 – SUPER SAVINGS on our photo lab
4 – BIGGER FILE SIZES ALLOWED: up to 100MB for photos and 2GB for videos
5 – MORE FEATURES to enable you to get even more out of your Joomeo space

And that’s not all! See our OFFERS AND PRICES page for a comparison of our different subscription options.

*Offer only applies to annual subscriptions This promotion is not applicable to monthly subscriptions.

You can take advantage of this offer even if your current subscription has not yet ended. The duration of your new subscription will automatically be added to your existing one.

You can also take advantage of this promotion to switch from FOCUS to DYNAMIC. The payment already made for your current subscription will be deducted from the amount to pay for the new subscription in proportion to the amount of time remaining.


N.B. You can copy and paste the promotional code here –> JOOM740643


Did you know? adjust column width as you want

Joomeo contains numerous features that enable you to easily manage your files.
One of them is accessible from an icon in the left column of your Joomeo space.

It allows you to easily manage the width of this column.


You can edit the size of the column by clicking and dragging it with your mouse’s cursor.

When you click on the icon, the left column contracts completely to the side, thereby widening your workspace.
When the column is fully stowed to the side, simply hover over it with your mouse to make it reappear on top of your workspace.
The column contracts again as soon as your mouse no longer hovers over it.

You can expand or shrink the height that is devoted to your ‘network’ space in the same way.