A little reminder of the icons on Joomeo…

As you will have noticed, we have made a few modifications to your media library. The icons representing your albums are bigger and therefore more visible. It’s probably a good time to remind ourselves of the meaning of each one.


Your album is private, you have not shared it with any contacts.
As account administrator, you are the only person to have access to it..

Your album is only visible to you and to the contacts with which you share it.
You can obviously share the album with as many contacts as you wish.

Your album is « public », which means that it is visible by your contacts.
Your new contacts will automatically have access to it, as soon as you will have added them to your contacts on Joomeo.

INFO + : To make your album « public », go to the « SHARE » tab of the album’s properties section, then click on the « RESTRICT THE ACCESS » button, to move it into the « OFF » position, as indicated below:

A photo book has been created using the album.
You can manage the sharing of this photo book in the right hand column that appears when you click on the album. The sharing options relate to all of the contacts with whom the album has been shared.

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