Joomeo’s offers update

Joomeo's offers have gotten better: more freedom and the same rates!


Did you notice? For a few days now, Joomeo has been giving you even more freedom to store and share your photos and videos:

  • An increase in file size for all offers:
    your photos and videos can be up to 20MB instead of 10MB with BASIC, and 50MB instead of 30MB with FOCUS. DYNAMIC subscriptions can import 200MB photos. It’s more than enough to work without any worries!
  • No time limit on videos for DYNAMIC subscriptions:
    You can store all your rushes, editing, and family videos without restrictions
  • The same rates and always top quality service:
    Because although we’re still improving our offers, we don’t compromise the quality of our services!

You can find the full description of our offers by clicking below:

See the offer descriptions

(*)200MB/photo and unlimited video length for DYNAMIC subscriptions. 50MB/file and 20 min. maximum for videos with a FOCUS subscription. 20MB/file and 20 min maximum for videos with a BASIC subscription.

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