Launch your imports with a simple drag and drop in your space!

New: import your photos and videos in your Joomeo space with a simple drag and drop

We have already offered it to you with the JOOMEO DESKTOP application – Transfer Manager, and now it's available directly on your Joomeo space: import by DRAG/DROP.


Option 1: without selecting an album in advance

  1. Click on the "IMPORT" menu and choose "IMPORT TO A NEW ALBUM" or just click on "CLICK HERE TO IMPORT YOUR FILES" in the center of your space.
  2. A drag/drop area will be displayed. Drag your files there, or select them from your computer by clicking on the "SELECT" button.
  3. The album creation window allows you to give it a name, among other things.
  4. Apply…and the import starts immediately

Option 2: if you've selected an album in advance

  1. Click on the album's "ACTION" button, and choose "Import new files", or on the "IMPORT" menu, then on "IMPORT TO A SELECTED ALBUM"
  2. A drag/drop area will be displayed. Drag your files there, or select them from your computer by clicking on the "SELECT" button.
  3. The import starts immediately The files are stored directly in the chosen album.

Note: in all cases, if you prefer not to use the drag and drop function, you can use the traditional method of selecting your files to import by clicking on the blue "SELECT" button.

The little "BONUS" on Chrome and Safari

In these 2 browsers, you can simply drag your files in your Joomeo space without having to go through the "IMPORT" menu or any other button!

  • If an album is selected, the files will be imported directly to that album
  • If no album has been selected, an album creation window will open, and the import will begin once you have clicked on the "APPLY" button.


A clearly identifiable drag and drop area!

Regardless of the method chosen, simply drop your files in the drag and drop area, which will always look noticeably the same.

A new import manager that's easier to read and more ergonomic

Once the import has started, the new import manager opens. More clear and easier to use, we made improvements to it to make it more comfortable for you to use!

A shortcut in your space's menu bar to check your imports in a glance

You don’t need the manager to check that your imports are going smoothly, a glance in your navigation bar allows you to check that everything is running smoothly!

Quick and easy! With 1 click you can evaluate the progress of transfers and display the import manager if needed.

In this window, the arrow indicates that the import is in progress.
By clicking on it, you pause the import and the arrow will be replaced by this icon .

Did you know? Share the contents of your folders in a single step


Joomeo was created to make photo and video sharing easier, so to help you share albums to a folder (and its subfolders) more quickly, we have developed an incredibly easy system…
Drag your contact or group of contacts into a folder to share everything in it with them.

   Just a simple drag and drop to share everything!

To share the entire contents of a folder in a single step, simply choose a contact in your contacts book (“TOOLS” menu) and drag it to your folder, plain and simple!

It also works with A GROUP OF CONTACTS! Select the group of contacts you want, and drag it straight to a folder. All of the folder’s albums will be shared to each member of the group.

Easy and convenient!

Important: when using this method, the sharing preferences you have chosen for each contact are used. If no particular preference was determined for some of your contacts, the default preferences defined on the “MY ACCOUNT” page will be applied.


Did you know? Manage your import preferences


Have you noticed that you can set some default settings upon importing your files in your Joomeo space?

These settings are adjusted in the “Import” area of the “PREFERENCES” section in your Joomeo account, and they might allow you to save some precious time!

Here’s what it looks like, and what it’s used for!

This dropdown menu alows you to manage the size of your image preview. We recommend that you keep the default settings, i.e. HDTV 1080. This will make all displays easiest to view.

By checking this box, which is available on FOCUS offers and higher, you decide to apply a watermark to all files imported to your Joomeo space.
The options just below it allow you to customize the text*, its position in the image, the color, and the intensity of the watermark.

This option allows you to automatically display the IPTC information caption embedded into your files in the Joomeo caption area.

With this option, each file name appears in the Joomeo caption area, if there is no IPTC caption.

By importing the keywords that you have added to your files’ IPTC data, you supply the keyword manager of your space, making searching and selecting files in your library easier.

By checking this option, you can avoid storing the same images twice in the same album. A valuable tool to help you manage your library better.

*Option available on DYNAMIC offers and higher

Did you know? The Joomeo shortcut bar


Have you seen it? The shortcut bar will become your sidekick in no time!

The shortcut bar below the display zone Demonstration:

Create a temporary selection with drag/drop
Create a temporary selection of images from multiple albums by simply sliding them on the button, it's a breeze!

SDelete a file in 1 clic
Just choose the image to delete, click on it once to select it, and then simply click on the little wastebasket…

Rotate your photos without having to use the edit mode
Are some of your images not in the right direction? No need to leave your album, just select the image to rotate and click on the button to turn clockwise or counterclockwise!

Download a single image…
No need for the "ACTION" button when it comes to downloading a single file. Click once on the desired photo or video to select it and click the following icon to start downloading… Simple and effective!

…or download the entire album, it's just as easy!
With this shortcut, download an album with stunning speed and ease!

All the information about a file made available in just one click
The properties panel of your files instantly pops up when you click on the magnifying glass icon. The easiest way to view information about your file: keywords, import date and date of shooting, identity of the individual who posted the file, legend, EXIF … it's essential!

Direct access to your list of keywords
Access your keyword editor right here! It will allow you to create new keywords and add tags to your files for easier retrieval within your album or your space.

Manage the display size of your image previews through your space
Would you like to see the maximum amount of images all at once? Would you life to view your photos in a larger size in order to better distinguish their details, without displaying them full-screen? The choice is yours when you move the slider to the left to display small thumbnails to the right for larger thumbnails…

Did you know? What your contacts see


What your contacts see

When you share one or more albums with your contacts, it’s natural to want to know what they see when they view your space. It’s easy – you just have to put yourself in their shoes!

Here’s what to do:

- in the contact list, choose a recipient and click
- on the "ACTION"button
- select "What does this contact see?" (log in)"

This simple, effective trick works with all your contacts, whatever their type (anonymous, classic, or advanced).

Did you know? customize your Joomeo space color


 Customize your Joomeo space color

 For all subscribers of Focus and Dynamic offers, Joomeo lets you customize your Joomeo space color.

For this, go to the preferences of your space (section “MY ACCOUNT”), from the “DISPLAY” preferences, select the theme color of your choice.

Reload your space to enjoy and share it with your contacts.


NEW: Directly launch your downloads through Joomeo Desktop – Transfer Manager


To offer you even more flexibility, we have updated our JOOMEO DESKTOP – Transfer Manager.
In addition to fully managing your imports, it is now also possible to launch your downloads directly through the Transfer Manager, without using your browser! Demonstration:

Did you know? adjust column width as you want

Joomeo contains numerous features that enable you to easily manage your files.
One of them is accessible from an icon in the left column of your Joomeo space.

It allows you to easily manage the width of this column.


You can edit the size of the column by clicking and dragging it with your mouse’s cursor.

When you click on the icon, the left column contracts completely to the side, thereby widening your workspace.
When the column is fully stowed to the side, simply hover over it with your mouse to make it reappear on top of your workspace.
The column contracts again as soon as your mouse no longer hovers over it.

You can expand or shrink the height that is devoted to your ‘network’ space in the same way.

Did you know? Experience the different contact types in Joomeo


To provide you with more flexibility when organizing and managing all of the properties attached to each of your contacts,
3 profiles are made available:

Contact profiles in Joomeo

Classic contacts:

Profile designed to easily manage contact preferences:

  • Use an administrator-type presentation for contacts
  • Display contact’s folder
  • Open media library tree structure
  • Allow contact to download, import, order photo prints, leave comments

Advanced contacts (1):

Opens the doors of the tab “Access rights” advanced for your contacts and allows you to:

  • Allow contact to modify the albums he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the album he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the files he/she imported
  • Allow contact to edit the descriptions of files he/she imported

Anonymous contact:

This profile allows you to create contacts without email address to send the same connexion information to many people, ideal for sharing photos or videos as a great event!


  1. Go to your contacts book through the “TOOLS” menu
  2. In your contacts list, choose one whose profile you want to edit
  3. Click the “Edit” button on the bottom right
  4. From the “Contact type” drop-down menu that appears above the contact’s first and last name, choose the desired profile
  5. Confirm your changes for them to take effect

(1) The option is only available for DYNAMIC and FOCUS offers.

A little reminder of the icons on Joomeo…

As you will have noticed, we have made a few modifications to your media library. The icons representing your albums are bigger and therefore more visible. It’s probably a good time to remind ourselves of the meaning of each one.


Your album is private, you have not shared it with any contacts.
As account administrator, you are the only person to have access to it..

Your album is only visible to you and to the contacts with which you share it.
You can obviously share the album with as many contacts as you wish.

Your album is « public », which means that it is visible by your contacts.
Your new contacts will automatically have access to it, as soon as you will have added them to your contacts on Joomeo.

INFO + : To make your album « public », go to the « SHARE » tab of the album’s properties section, then click on the « RESTRICT THE ACCESS » button, to move it into the « OFF » position, as indicated below:

A photo book has been created using the album.
You can manage the sharing of this photo book in the right hand column that appears when you click on the album. The sharing options relate to all of the contacts with whom the album has been shared.