Did you know? customize your Joomeo space color


 Customize your Joomeo space color

 For all subscribers of Focus and Dynamic offers, Joomeo lets you customize your Joomeo space color.

For this, go to the preferences of your space (section “MY ACCOUNT”), from the “DISPLAY” preferences, select the theme color of your choice.

Reload your space to enjoy and share it with your contacts.


Did you know? adjust column width as you want

Joomeo contains numerous features that enable you to easily manage your files.
One of them is accessible from an icon in the left column of your Joomeo space.

It allows you to easily manage the width of this column.


You can edit the size of the column by clicking and dragging it with your mouse’s cursor.

When you click on the icon, the left column contracts completely to the side, thereby widening your workspace.
When the column is fully stowed to the side, simply hover over it with your mouse to make it reappear on top of your workspace.
The column contracts again as soon as your mouse no longer hovers over it.

You can expand or shrink the height that is devoted to your ‘network’ space in the same way.

Discover new profiles for your contacts

1 – Discover new profiles for your contacts

Three new profiles are now available to manage all the rights attached to each of your contacts:

Classic contacts:

Profile designed to easily manage contact preferences:

  • Use an administrator-type presentation for contacts
  • Display contact’s folder
  • Open media library tree structure
  • Allow contact to download, import, order photo prints, leave comments

Advanced contacts:

Opens the doors of the tab “Access rights” advanced for your contacts and allows you to:

  • Allow contact to modify the albums he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the album he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the files he/she imported
  • Allow contact to edit the descriptions of files he/she imported

Anonymous contact:

This profile allows you to create contacts without email address to send the same connexion information to many people, ideal for sharing photos or videos as a great event!

2 – Modify the rights of your contacts

You can modify those rights directly:

  • From “MY CONTACTS” of your Joomeo space
 Autorize file download
 Autorize file import
 Allow them to order photo prints
 Allow them to comment on the files

3 – New design for “MY ACCOUNT” in your Joomeo space :

4 – Adding watermark 5 AREAS for full protection of your photos

Order your favorite holiday photos directly from your Joomeo space

Order your favorite holiday photos directly from your Joomeo space

4 new countries served for order prints, enlargements or goodiesof your most beautiful moments with just a few clicks in your Joomeo space.



Available countries:

Austria – Belgium – Finland – France – Germany – Ireland – Italy – Luxembourg – Netherlands – Spain – United Kingdom