To provide you with an experience of photography storing and sharing allways more enjoyable, we invite you to discover 5 new features that we hope will further improve your experience in photo sharing.


The Joomeo guest space has been completely redesigned to offer to your visitors a better place to watch your photo.


It is now possible to customize your Joomeo space guest with a photo and a text of your choice.


During the programming part of this new space, we have allways keep in mind 3 priority :

  1. Make it more friendly with a new style of presentation,
  2. More simple to use
  3. Allways emphasize your photo

It’s done now ! But that’s not all. The icing on the cake, with one click you can see the vision of your space by your Joomeo contacts. Nothing could be easier in this new version!


You prefer the old layout? We have kept it back, and you have the choice. All these new features are free and available to all. However, we booked the advanced customization feature to “infinite” account holders  (see details)


The guest space isn’t the only one to have benefited from a facelift! Joomeo also, as a whole, benefited from important ergonomic improvements. REGISTRATION SIMPLIFIED Registration for the service was fully reviewed and corrected. Any new subscriber will only need a mail and a password to start using Joomeo, It couldn’t be easier! IMPROVEMENT OF THE INTERFACE Until now, Mac users could not use the wheel in the interface Joomeo. It’s now ready to use! We added a logout button, which will ensure that the person who uses your computer after you will not have access to your photo library.


We found that in many cases, publishing photos online is done by periods, very often after a special event (birthday, wedding, party, holidays, etc.). We therefore develop a ticketing system that empower you to your monthly quota. You can now buy, with this tickets, a right of publication available immediately for use in the month. Buying a ticket allows you to upload immediately an amount of pictures you want, whatever of your subscription (also works for free accounts). Thus, you should never be short of space to share your photos in high definition! (Learn more)


Now you can change the name of your space when you want from your profile page. This will also change your address access (URL) to your account. Of course, we give you the ability to automatically notify your guests of this change by mail!


Do you have any problems with the email address you use to access the service, feel free to change it directly from your Joomeo profile.



“RSS FEED”, this sentence phrase doesn’t tell you anything … This is an Internet technology which permit to receive a realtime flow of informations, including photos! For example, a digital photo frame connected to the Internet may well displays your Joomeo space photos using an RSS feed. That is exactly what we have achieved! You can now have an RSS feeds for each of your collections / albums on your Joomeo space, and use it wherever you want, on a digital photo frame, on your blog or your website.

image-41 8ff3wmi_00_tlf_

Digital photo frame wifi validated: the Philips 8”8FF3WMI

Joomeo Vs Facebook

A great american philosopher said :

“I don’t like to share my personal life… it wouldn’t be personal if I shared it.”
- George Clooney

This quote, as simple and basic, is highly important and have to be considered on the Internet more than anywhere else.

The recent controversy concerning facebook’s terms of use gives us the opportunity to remind you how we care about your privacy and intellectual property.

All the photos you upload and share on Joomeo were, are and always will be your’s.

If you want to share your opinion with us, we will be pleased to read you in the comments !

Photo contest Bokeh.fr – Joomeo

Photos let you connect and share your passion and we will always give you the opportunity to highlight your talent by sponsoring many photo contest when you make the request.

That’s why we have sponsored in september the Bokeh.fr photo contest. Theme was “Glamour” and the contest winner’s photo is :




Thanks to Bokeh.fr for the management of this contest and thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to the winner which we offer a one year VIP subscription to Joomeo.

Join our blog to keep up with what’s going on in Joomeo and for announcements of new photo contests with Joomeo as partner.

With sound, paper and images, Joomeo is in the press

Joomeo had received recognition for its service from its users…

“Try it and you will never want to use another service”, since the launching of Joomeo, the radio as well as the computer press are agreeing on the efficiency of our offer. Private photo sharing with enhanced security had pleased them, and convinced them that Joomeo’s vision about privacy is the future for those types of services. (Radio BFM, 01net.com).

The technical press had been impressed by the possibility to finally share photos in High-Definition unlike the other competitive offers. The professional formats like RAW and TIFF available with the Joomeo’s subscription plans had been honored as they allow not only personal use of the service but also a professional one (Icreate and Le Monde de la Photo).

Regarding the online press, Joomeo had been appreciated for its sense of the web community. In fact, they especially liked the hubs that allow to share, comment and add photos to other spaces (Photophiles).

It is also important to mention the buzz created around Joomeo on the blogs. Their users and administrators, for example Jean-Marie Gall et Tapahont, had welcomed and integrated the service to their everyday tools, to communicate and share on the internet. Particularly, they found that it was a great solution to view their entire collection of photos, as well as publishing quality slideshows on their blogs.

Last but not least, they all stressed the user-friendliness of Joomeo as one of its best features, with the drag/drop technique that make their web life much easier. Joomeo had also been positively commented on recreational photographer’s chat rooms (les Pixelistes).

Now we would like to have your insights and point of view about Joomeo by commenting this press review.

Welcome on Joomeo’s Blog


Here we are… In February 2007 Joomeo was launched, and now has its own blog!

We would like to tell you the story of your favorite photo sharing service…

Once upon a time, the concept of sharing in private networks appeared to the team members. We have decided to help you control the access to your collections of photos.

In fact, nowadays privacy had become a real priority especially with all the Internet threats we have to deal with. Security was the missing piece in the photo sharing services already existing.

Therefore, we have decided to create together an incredible Flash interface, user-friendly that will allow a personal as well as professional use of the service.

In April 2008, your service needed its own identity in order to please you even more, and this how the service got his new name: Joomeo.

Logo Joomeo Vertical

We strongly believe that this successful adventure would not have been possible without you and we are looking forward to hearing from you on this blog.