Managing authorizations: photo books

In previous articles, we discussed the default authorization settings, the customization of these settings according to each of your contacts and how to act regarding file sharing..

In this article we will focus on the concept of sharing photo books..



You know it is possible to share a photo book linked to an album. This can be done by going to the bottom of the column that appears to the right of the photo album viewing area.

There are 2 levels of authorization:

  1. the right to view: by checking this option, you authorize contacts with access to your album to browse your photo book at leisure with full screen viewing display for more comfort and pleasure
  2. the right to order: by checking this option, you authorize contacts with access to your album to order your photo book and have it delivered to their home without having to contact you.
    Of course, you may check this option only if you have already authorized the viewing of the photo book.

These permissions only apply to contacts who have access to the album to which the photo book is attached.


All contacts who have access to your album will have the same rights to your photo book, regardless of the authorizations applied to the album or the contacts themselves.

This means that if a contact is not allowed to order photo prints, this restriction does not apply to photo books where order rights are open.

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