Managing authorizations: using folders

In the 2 preceding articles, you saw how to manage your default authorizations and how to personalize them for each of your contacts.

In this article we will explore how to manage sharing with folders.



Folders are a useful tool for classifying and organizing your media library while improving your productivity at the same time:

  • By applying certain preferences to several albums at once
  • By centralizing access to the sharing options for all the albums that they contain

The second point is what we will be talking about.
  To access these options, click on the folder’s “ACTION” button and choose “Folder properties.”

  In the window that appears, click on the share tab. The albums contained in the folder are classified by type: PRIVATE, SHARED or PUBLIC. You can control the authorizations according to the type.



The whole authorizations menu is available for each contact on the albums that have been shared with them.

If you click on a contact, the list of albums they have access to appears on the right side of the window.

You can modify their access rights to the album or albums of your choice



The whole authorizations menu is available for each album.

You can modify the authorizations offered for each one. They will apply to all of your contacts.



As their name indicates, these albums aren’t shared, and as a result no setting options are available.

  Remember to confirm your settings so that they will be remembered and saved. They will be applied immediately.

REMEMBER: there are no share settings on the folders themselves since you do not share the folder, just the albums it contains.

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