Managing authorizations: Default authorization settings

As you know, Joomeo is a powerful management tool for sharing de vos photos et de vos vidéos avec vos contacts. your photos and videos with your contacts. It allows you to fine-tune the access rights of each contact to the albums that you share with them.

In a series of 3 articles, we will take stock of the different ways to modify the authorizations according to your needs.

First, let’s look at default authorizations.



  1. In the “My Account” section and more specifically in the “My preferences” tab:

    You can adjust the authorizations you would like to give your contacts by default when you share an album.

  2. In the “Contacts book” section accessible from the “TOOLS” menu:

    When you select a contact and double click on it, you directly access the “Properties” tab of the latter.By checking “Activate the contact’s preferences” you access a list of options. Among them you will find the default authorizations granted to this contact (cf. the red arrows in the image below).

  3. In the “SHARING” section of Album Properties, accessible by double-clicking on the album itself:

    When you choose to make the album accessible to all of your contacts (“RESTRICT ACCESS” in OFF mode), the selected sharing options are valid for all contacts, whatever the preferences specified for each one.

(1) Aside from the 3rd point, the default settings do not change the sharing that has already been done. They only affect the sharing done after their validation.

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