Did you know? Experience the different contact types in Joomeo


To provide you with more flexibility when organizing and managing all of the properties attached to each of your contacts,
3 profiles are made available:

Contact profiles in Joomeo

Classic contacts:

Profile designed to easily manage contact preferences:

  • Use an administrator-type presentation for contacts
  • Display contact’s folder
  • Open media library tree structure
  • Allow contact to download, import, order photo prints, leave comments

Advanced contacts (1):

Opens the doors of the tab “Access rights” advanced for your contacts and allows you to:

  • Allow contact to modify the albums he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the album he/she added
  • Allow contact to delete the files he/she imported
  • Allow contact to edit the descriptions of files he/she imported

Anonymous contact:

This profile allows you to create contacts without email address to send the same connexion information to many people, ideal for sharing photos or videos as a great event!


  1. Go to your contacts book through the “TOOLS” menu
  2. In your contacts list, choose one whose profile you want to edit
  3. Click the “Edit” button on the bottom right
  4. From the “Contact type” drop-down menu that appears above the contact’s first and last name, choose the desired profile
  5. Confirm your changes for them to take effect

(1) The option is only available for DYNAMIC and FOCUS offers.

2 thoughts on “Did you know? Experience the different contact types in Joomeo

  1. Ha je trouve superbe mais c’est en anglais dons que nous les français ont des problème avec anglais si prouver mette aussi en français c’est superbe!

    • Bonjour Aly et merci pour votre commentaire !
      Pour lire nos article en Français, il suffit de modifier la langue d’affichage. Cela se fait soit dans partie “PROFIL” de votre compte Joomeo, soit en allant dans le “footer” du site (menu tout en bas du blog) et en choisissant le langage de votre choix après avoir cliqué sur “My language “.

      Sinon, l’adresse de cet article dans sa version française est celle-ci : http://blog.joomeo.com/?p=7573

      Excellente journée à vous !

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