Share your photo books with your contacts


Have you noticed? Your Joomeo space has change a little in the past few days! This is because we have added a major feature to our system: PHOTO BOOK SHARING with your contacts!
We have also used this opportunity to include some other small improvements, which we'll talk about later.

Let's focus on our topic of the day: how to share your photo books with your contacts.

A new interface for new features

you'll notice that all the albums for which you have created photo books display an extra little icon at the end of the line, as in this image

by clicking on an album accompanied by this icon, you will see a new column to the right of your grid of images … it all happens in this column!

This column allows you to launch a view of your photo book in one click.

You can also edit your photo book, duplicate it or simply delete it.

Note that when you duplicate your photo book, you add a new album to your media library containing all the photos used in the book.

The main information regarding your photo book (format, paper, type of cover, number of pages and unit price) are immediately visible and and you can place your order directly from this column.

Sharing with your contacts is managed from this column ! In 2 clicks, you can choose whether or not you authorize your contacts to see your photo book and order it.

Of course, this authorization concerns only those contacts with whom you have shared the photo book album.

IMPORTANT: You can still access all your photo books directly by the photo book manager, which is accessible via the "PHOTO LAB / MY PHOTO BOOKS" menu.

2 additional new features for your comfort

Bigger icons to make the media library easier to read The most observant will have noticed that we have significantly enlarged the icons in the media library! Your albums and your folders are much more readable, for greatly improved comfort.

Improvement of the system of deletion of folders and their contents With the same aim of offering improved ergonomics and comfort, it is now possible to delete a folder and all its contents in a single stroke!

A gain of precious time when sorting your media library. But attention: any deletion is final!Once you have validated all the alerts of our system and accepted to delete the files from your personal space, it is impossible to go back and restore those files that were found only in the deleted folder! Be careful!

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