How do photo books work…? (continued)

The photo book application is very rich and there are numerous tools available.
short glossary of the main icons and available functions.

This is what your photo book creation screen looks like:

A clear, spacious and rich interface. When we created this application our main concern was your ease of use. We took special care over the ergonomics of our solution: look at the icons, they are self explanatory, which is the guarantee of flowing and intuitive use.

We are going to present them below to familiarise you with this new tool.

The button “BACK” button

As its name indicates, it is used to return to the previous page or to exit an advanced photo book function

The “MODIFY” button

You want to change your photo book’s name? This is where to do it!


To change the main settings for your photo book, such as its format, cover or paper…


Click on this button to manually lay out your pages to your taste using drag and drop… child’s play!


Regularly save your photo book while you create it by clicking on the diskette button. This makes it possible for you to have a reference point to fall back to! If you make a mistake, click on the “Return to the last saved version” button (showing a watch with its hands turning backwards). You will restore the photo book as it was when you last saved it. Handy isn’t it!

The “PREVIEW” button

Click on this button and admire your work as if it were the real thing. This is a very important step, you can use it to check that no pictures have been forgotten, and that your work corresponds to what you intended.


This is obviously where it all happens! This is zone the zone you use to change your album and view those changes in real time.
Fill the image blocks using basic drag and drop from your selection of photos (available to the right of your screen) to the block you have selected. Use the text areas to comment your photos or write down your thoughts…

Have you noticed? When you drag an image over this creation zone, a small triangle appears in the upper right or left corner of the page…drop the image in the centre of the page or on the triangle….and watch what happens!

Our photo book application is filled with resources! Be curious, test, search, creating your photo book will be even more fun.

The “ADD” button

You forgot to put some pictures in your photo book selection? Don’t worry. Click on this button and access all your albums to choose the pictures to complete your work.


Here you will find all the photos you selected and which are available to create your photo book. When a picture has already been used a small dot appears at the top right of the thumbnail and indicates how many times you used the photo in your book… this is practical to avoid repeating yourself!!!

The “NAVIGATE” button

The “NAVIGATE” buttons on either side of the creation zone are used to scroll forward or backward through your photo book’s pages.

The “BLEED” button

Bleed is a technical area used by the printer when printing the book. It is partially or completely removed when your photo book is assembled and bound. It is therefore essential that it does not contain any important information… The “BLEED” button shows or hides the marks that allow you to identify these areas, we strongly recommend that you keep this function active and be careful in aligning your pictures!


barUsing this tool you can switch from one page to another of your photo book in a single click. You can either use the horizontal bar by clicking on the “Cover”, “Page 1″, “Page 2″, etc. buttons, or you can click on the index (“Go to” button) which contains a list of all the pages.

The single arrows are used to scroll through the pages one by one, whereas the double arrows take you directly to the first or last page.

The “PAPER TYPE » and « NUMBER OF PAGES” button

It would be difficult to be more explicit! These 2 buttons are used to change the support that will be used to print your photo book and the number of pages required. You made these choices when you began creating your photo book, but anyone can make a mistake!

The “ORDER” button

order…but don’t worry, if you have sudden doubts you can always re-check and re-verify and make last minute changes, add a picture etc. Until you have paid, nothing is permanent. Reassuring isn’t it?

If you still have questions, need explanations, or if something is not clear. Our customer support is available every day of the week, don’t hesitate to call them!

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