Did you know? Manage your import preferences


Have you noticed that you can set some default settings upon importing your files in your Joomeo space?

These settings are adjusted in the “Import” area of the “PREFERENCES” section in your Joomeo account, and they might allow you to save some precious time!

Here’s what it looks like, and what it’s used for!

This dropdown menu alows you to manage the size of your image preview. We recommend that you keep the default settings, i.e. HDTV 1080. This will make all displays easiest to view.

By checking this box, which is available on FOCUS offers and higher, you decide to apply a watermark to all files imported to your Joomeo space.
The options just below it allow you to customize the text*, its position in the image, the color, and the intensity of the watermark.

This option allows you to automatically display the IPTC information caption embedded into your files in the Joomeo caption area.

With this option, each file name appears in the Joomeo caption area, if there is no IPTC caption.

By importing the keywords that you have added to your files’ IPTC data, you supply the keyword manager of your space, making searching and selecting files in your library easier.

By checking this option, you can avoid storing the same images twice in the same album. A valuable tool to help you manage your library better.

*Option available on DYNAMIC offers and higher

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