Joomeo News Flash 5th May 2012

Joomeo celebrates its 4th anniversary,
thank you for your confidence and support ! …
4 years of evolution and more 500 000 users !

We have gone a long way since 2008, offer you the best website to share and store your photos and videos.
To celebrate this special day, we’re launching an update with lot of new features.

Get a public link to a photo and video  

Publish a link of your photos and videos on a website, a blog, a forum or an Email

Share a folder

Easily share folder and their contents to your contacts by simple drag and drop, and then manage your sharing from the properties panel of your folders (click the “action” button of your folder)


Slideshows upgrade  

Added 4 new slideshows (grid photo, thumbnails on the left, right and up) and transitions by fade

New access to your informations and preferences  


Other new  

  •   New properties of watermark (option available in the preferences of your space)
  •   Import a contacts list
  •   Multi-selection files in an album (click on a picture and hold down “Shift” key and click the last photo of your selection)
  •   Photo lab upgrade
  •   Management of duplicate files when importing (option available in the preferences of your space)
  •   E-Mail Alert when new photos publication by your contacts

*see offers details

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Did you know? background music for slideshows and albums


 Add and manage your musics to your slideshows and albums

Music manager allows you to import your favorite musics and associate them in a few clicks on your albums and slideshows.
  Import and manage your musics

Music manager is available from the properties of your albums (double clicks on an album or use “Album properties” with the ACTION button of an album), it allows you to download and select your music or soundtrack to play with your slideshows.

the button “manage my music” opens the music manager. Click on the button “Import” and select the music of your choice on your computer (mp3 file/10Mo maximum).

  Add your music to your album (album properties)

  Add your musics to your slideshows (publish a slideshow)

* Be sure to observe copyright law in accordance with Articles L.111-1 and L.123-1 of the Code of Intellectual Property and Take care to respect the royalties in accordance with the articles of law L.111-1 and L.123-1 of the code of the intellectual property

Joomeo News Flash December 2011

Joomeo News Flash December 2011

For chistmas, Joomeo made you a nice surprise

A new website open its doors to welcome you and introduce you to our new unlimited offers.

For now on, make the most of your space with the latest Joomeo’s new features* :

  • HD Video online
  • Music management for albums and slideshow
  • Quickview function (spacebar quick access)li>
  • New guest space and color themes
  • New customizable watermark, …

*see offers detail – The stored video are currently being encoded

News Flash Joomeo April 2011

New mobile applications

Joomeo application for Iphone, Ipad

This new version is a viewer that allows you to access the album list, view the photos from album as a grid of photo, then start a slide show and browse the photos in full screen.
Each connection is stored so you can easily access to all Joomeo space which you have already connected.

Download Joomeo Iphone/Ipad

New Android features

  1. management of the tree library
  2. possibility to cancel an ongoing action
  3. ability to delete notification
  4. improved management of network errors and errors in loading photos

Download Joomeo Android

Publish Plugin, Upload your photos from your favorite applications to your Joomeo space

plugin joomeo lightroom

Download Lightroom plugin

Download Aperture plugin

Consult your Joomeo space on your TV

Your Joomeo space on your TV with Yahoo connected TV and Net TV

joomeo on yahoo connected tv and net tv

New features and Happy New Year 2011


It is with great pleasure the Joomeo team wishes you a happy new year 2011!

This year will be exciting with our team growing to meet the continuous increase and we stand ready to offer major changes and meet the significant growth of our users.

To start 2011, Joomeo adds new features mainly accessed on the management of private networks.

See you soon online.

 Improved management of your network

New window to accept or blacklist access request
 Management access from “MY ACCOUNT” 


 The ”ACTION” menu of each access allows you to :

. sign in to their Joomeo space in a new window
. share albums with the Joomeo’s space owner
. remove access from your network

 Display avatars of contacts, ability to refresh your network at any moment

 Symbol indicating a network update





  Enable/disable RSS feeds

 RSS feed management associated to an album, possibility to enable or disable an RSS album from “ACTION” menu

 New navigation in Slideshow

management per page for quicker access to photos HD
information for navigation in tooltips

 New Email design

 New design for a better communication
 Avatar included in Email contact


 integration of avatars in messages sent to your contacts

Faster access to photos albums already viewed


 Management of payment subscriptions

 multicurrency payment management
 management of european union VAT


 Create links to your pre-authentified Joomeo space

 send login / password as parameters in the URL of your Joomeo space (GET or POST)

*to be replaced by information from a contact in your Joomeo space

example link : CLICK HERE