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Pixelpipe has added Joomeo into their available pipes !

Upload your photos and videos into your Joomeo space using one of many Pixelpipe tools !

Pixelpipe allow you to publish many medias on over 100 online destinations including your Joomeo account.

The advantage for Joomeo and its users is that Pixelpipe has an extensive list of utilities allowing you to publish your photos from programs like Picasa, Lightroom, Firefox, … but also from different systems such as your phone or PC (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Click here for a complete list of applications developed by Pixelpipe and supported systems.

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Did you know the Inspector?

You may have noticed this icon in your Joomeo space without clicking on it? It symbolizes the properties inspector to a picture. It is accessible from the main window of your Joomeo space and the slide show mode / photo editing mode.


What information can you find in this inspector?

- In the heading you will find the filename of your photo, its weight in byte and the preview of the photo.

- General allows you set a note to your photo (useful when you search in your photos), indicate the shooting date, the uploading date and who has uploaded the photo into your space (you or the name of a contact).

- Legend lets you view and edit the photo caption.

- Keywords lets you view and delete keywords of the photo (we will see in a future article the keywords interest in Joomeo).

- EXIF allows you access to a EXIF data set of the photo.



Inspector button in the main page of your Joomeo space

Show your albums as a tree view to your contacts!

You have a library with a lot of albums and organized as a tree view ? You share many albums with your contacts?

Choose the view manager type to allow your contacts to have the same vision as you on your Joomeo space (of course by respecting the access rules! ).

Go to your Joomeo space in the “MY ACCOUNT” panel on the “My space” tab and check the box “use the view manager type for my contacts list” to activate this option.


Joomeo is please to announce the birth of a new Showcase*, starting point for the Showcase design  improvements.

We also have named them :

  • Joomeo have the look and feel of the slideshow available from your private Joomeo space :  sober and ergonomic (default Showcase).
  • Roll film gives more room to the photos and provides a quick access to one of them through its dynamic film !
  • Thumbnails allows you to display all the thumbnails as a grid of photos.

* slideshow to publish to a website or to send by E-mail